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Judge Napolitano Fired From Fox – Says He’ll ‘Sue Their Pants Off’

Judge Andrew Anthony Thomas Napolitano, once heralded as a likely pick for the Supreme Court, can’t even keep his loyalties in line. The once prestigious judge has been making a fool of himself lately, accusing the President of obstruction of justice among other crimes — and ruining his own credibility.

Napolitano doesn’t seem to understand that what he refers to as “obstruction” was nothing more than a public man making things better for himself and his children. Of course he was going to try to stop an investigation into things he said and did. There’s no way to explain them to Democrats like Mueller. Now, because Napolitano wanted to play Shep Smith and get himself some liberal brownie points, he’s being let go from the network.

Fox Executive Operations Manager, Art Tubolls, says there’s just no room for the judge anymore:

“Our news personalities are given leeway to express their opinions — to an e4xtent — but when it comes to accusing the President of something he’s been cleared of, that’s just unacceptable.”

The issue began when Napolitano questioned the Mueller Reports findings of “not guilty of anything and cleared of all charges” and asked viewers if they thought obstruction was presidential. “Is the President above the law?” Napolitano asked, knowing full well that the answer is yes. This President, for all intents and purposes, is far more important to the American people than any silly law some Democrat views as “obstruction.”

Napolitano says he will “sue the bejesus out of that farce of a network” and went immediately to interview for CNN and MSNBC.

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