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Barack Obama Spotted Meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

North Korea has diplomatic relations again with the United States because President Trump said they do. Now, in a bold move, obviously orchestrated by the Deep State, Obama managed to get a meeting in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un before President Trump even arrived.

The meeting, which took place in the Ho Chi Min FroYo shop, lasted more than an hour. The two men were seen laughing and joking and enjoying their treats. Their wives were next door at the arcade playing Street Fighter.

The whole encounter was blown off by Soros and the NOS Corporation as “friendly banter between old friends.” Spokesman for Soros and Obama, Art Tubolls, told Fox News:

“Barack and Kim go way back. They attended school together in Thailand and studied Muslamic together. They went to be the leaders of their respective countries, but in very different ways. The meeting was just a friendly hello.”

That’s the story they’re going with, but now we know that when talks break down and President trump ends up giving North Korea a nuclear sub and some real air defenses, that it’s Obama who is to blame.

North Korea says it has no plans to change the Summit with Trump and considers the meeting with Obama to be a “Nothingberder.”

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