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BREAKING: Another Sick Find On Seized Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship

The Clinton Foundation cargo ship Chelsea that was seized by authorities at the Port of Baltimore this morning was full of surprises. Drugs, illegal foods and unvetted refugees were found within an hour of an anonymous tip. The latest news from Maryland is even worse.

The Department of Homeland Security took over the investigation and after a thorough search, determined that the ship, the captain and its crew have all been compromised and used for more than five years as a transportation and supply chain for a terrorist organization known as Jalal Lalaha. They are a well-funded, efficient organization that works with ISIS as well as Al Qaeda, providing logistical support and weapons used to kill Americans.

The good news is, intel gathered from the ship combined with the fact that the crew are all now in custody as military combatants should provide authorities with weapons to fight the relatively new group and infiltrate their inner circle.

The Clintons are still denying any knowledge of what happened aboard their ship and are playing victims. The congressional committee investigating the family will be given full access to the ship and its records to investigate any personal links between the Clintons and the terrorists.

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