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BREAKING: Lady Gaga Just Deported From U.S

Lady Gaga Just Deported From U.S Becouse Her Anti Trump Speech.

There was misery for Hillary Clinton‘s band of Hollywood megafans as Donald Trump emerged victorious as American President.

Lady Gaga staged a protest against Trump outside Trump Tower, clinging to a sanitation truck with a sign ‘Love Trumps Hate’.

She was then pictured looking emotional in a luxury black Rolls-Royce Phantom being driven away clasping her hands together. At midnight, she had taken to Twitter and wrote: ‘Say a prayer America.’

Just hours before Trump cinched his victory, Demi Lovato was forced to apologize for making an insensitive election joke.

The singer, a vocal Clinton supporter, tweeted yesterday: ‘Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and grab some p***y’, referring to Donald Trump’s notorious lewd comments in leaked Access Hollywood tapes.

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