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BREAKING: President Trump Just Told Libtard Nancy Pelosi To F*ck Off Right To Her Face

Since long before 75 percent of America voted for Donald Trump to lead us into the next era of American history, liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been slandering his good name. By going on shows like “Morning Joe” and “Hardball” and talking about the things our president may have said years ago, she tried desperately to make the American people hate him but failed.

Now, with his approval rating near 80 percent, while the mainstream media reports it at only half of that, Pelosi is trying to mfriendsneds. She knows she and her fellow Democrats are a dying breed and that her best chance at re-election will be to have at least one or two kind words said about her by our new fearless leader.

According to the president’s body man, Jameson McGurkin, Pelosi walked into the Oval Office looking to create a truce with Trump but walked away nearly in tears:

“She was trying to be all nice. She even brought him a bundt cake and some scones. He ate one of the scones real quick, and without the courtesy of bothering to swallow it all or shake her hand, he looked her dead in the face and said, ‘fuck off, Nacy. You’re finished.’ She tried to grab the food she brought but he stopped her and stuffed another scone in his mouth just to taunt her. It was pretty funny.”

Liberals will need to learn that they aren’t in charge. Democrats have no power in the government. They might as well just give up and go away. Citizens United, gerrymandering and good old-fashioned Americans voting for who they’re told to vote for will make sure the Democrat party never sees the light of day again

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