Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s Pages Removed for ‘Hate Speech’

The liberal owners of social media are forging another alliance. This time it won’t be controversial people like Alex Jones, however. This time — they’re coming for Hannity and Carlson.

Two of our favorites, who have never said a hateful thing in their lives, are being removed from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They will no longer be allowed to post personal or private messages to their friends and fans. According to Facebook’s Censorship Director, Art Tubolls:

“Hannity and Carlson are both guilty of spreading hate speech. They talk about human beings like they’re animals and their overt racism and bigotry is, quite frankly, disgusting.”


Awwww. Poor snowflake doesn’t like it when people are mean to others. It’s “hate speech.” Calling people who walk thousands of miles to get $528 a month in free food “illegal” and insisting they stay home is hateful now? Asking that people who can’t respect the real God to go to a country where that’s acceptable is bigotry?

America w3as founded by people who look like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They speak for a vast majority of us, though the Musslamians are supposed to catch up by 2027.

If Tucker and Sean are removed, who is next? Rush Limbaugh? Maybe Laura Ingraham is a bit too “radical” for you. Or that cute brunette with all the guns. Dana Loesch. Where will it end?

It will end with the Deep State using liberal propaganda and education to turn America into something it hasn’t been in quite some time: A free-thinking society that looks out for its own and welcomes the troubles of the world.

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