Alyssa Milano Fired From Upcoming $6 Million Project With Jon Voight


Imagine that you’re a producer, and an upcoming project involves two influential personalities — Jon Voight and Alyssa Milano. Because they won’t be able to work together, you have to either re-arrange your entire production schedule like they did to get Bill Murray in Caddyshack, or you let one of them go.

According to MGM Disney-Universal producer, Arturo Tublowski, the choice was simple:

“Jon Voight was the best Roosevelt ever, and let’s be honest…Mickey Donovan? I don’t care what you think about his politics, we went with Voight. I love Alyssa, I do, but come on, gurlfren…you have to play nice to get the head in this town.”

The way Tublowski spoke about Milano was immediately vilified by the liberal press, calling the remarks “sexist” and reminding people of exactly how inappropriate this whole thing is to begin with.


Milano’s spokesman didn’t have much to say, other than “whatever,” as the role included a cameo for 12 minutes for $6 million, which was twice what Voight said he’d do the whole movie for if they fire her:

“Conservatism comes with an incredible amount of pettiness that is…almost admirable in the world of actors and actresses, but this is a little much. It’s anothjer gangster movie. Tony Danza has a role. You do the math.”

It doesn’t really matter what actually happened or why. In the end, Jon Voight is doing something and she is not, because he made it happened, which means once again, we own the libs. It’s just so easy these days.

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