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Obama Kicks Dirt on Confederate Graves During Visit to Gettysburg


Former President and traitor to his country, Barack Obama, visited Gettysburg for Memorial Day for a photo op to keep up the facade that he doesn’t hate America. During a walk to a Union Cemetery, the Traitor-in-Chief took a detour through a Confederate section where reports say he was “rude and disrespectful” about the “losers and seditionists” buried there:

“He walked by the grave of General Dillius Awhoal and said ‘he led all these men to their deaths for nothing.’ Then he kicked dirt high enough that it left a visible cloud. On the way back he refused to walk through that section of the field at all.”

Obama’s disrespect was quadrupled when he later visited Arlington National Cemetery at nearly the same time as president trump, spending the entire time Trump was speaking kneeling by the grave of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq.


The whole thing smells like a political stunt. Obama, who claims to be a Christian, then took an invitation from a former Hamas leader to lay a wreath on the grave of Yasser Arafat. His flight was paid for by a taxpayer-funded grant that assured he would get there on time by leasing an F-35 from the National Armory. As a former President, Obama technically carries the honorary title if 7-star Brigadier general, a rank held only by living ex-presidents.

The rank and his ties to the Deep State allowed him to use our funds to send him around America and across the ocean on a day devoted to our honored dead. How he lives with himself or explains any of this absolute nonsense to his kids is beyond insane.

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