Dick Van Dyke [1925-2019] Just Left $59 Million To Trump Foundation


On Friday, the world lost one of the greats, Dick Van Dyke. The comedian and actor spent his lifetime keeping us entertained and reminding us that America is, at its core, a wholesome place.

Van Dyke taught us that good, Christian morals are how we can get through as a nation, and he wanted to make sure that Americans have the chance to have the society they deserve. Breitbart News reports:


In his will, Van Dyke specified that “the total sale value of the house in Bermuda shall be donated to the Trump Foundation to help in their mission to make the country and world great again.”

This is the first time Dick Van Dyke has spoken out about President Trump. For whatever reason, he chose to do it from beyond the grave. But his message is clear: “Only President Trump can save America from herself.”


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