Ilhan Omar Wants Dog Meat Sold In Stores; “It’s The Other Pork” She Says


Democrat Ilhan Omar has been pushing hard since her arrival in America to have pork removed from store shelves. Asking for an outright ban failed, as did a proposal of sky high pork taxes. So now she’s trying a different tactic. She’s offering what she calls an “identical substitute”.R


Yes, you read that right. The Democrat Representative from Minnesota wants America to start eating dog meat as an alternative to pigs. Mrs Omar shared a few words with us on the subject :


“Ok. I get it now. You Americans are all addicted to evil. Just as I became hooked on phonics to learn English when I came to these shores, you are hooked on immorality to poison your souls.

It tastes good? Fine. If you think pig bacon is good, you should try dog bacon!

This is ALL DOG. And hamster. There’s some hamster in there.

Bacon from St Bernard is to die for! Golden Retriever chops are the shizzat. Ever had a pulled pug sandwich? And Basset Hound tenderloin? OHMIGOD!

I was shocked when I came here and found ground Great Dane was not available.  Fortunately, my many neighbors had other breeds available for free in their yards. I don’t enjoy the mess of butchering but it was worth it in the end to taste that succulent flavor.

But those dogs are all gone now and not everyone has butchering skills. So the time has come to sell mutton in grocery stores.

In fact, that’s another thing. I bought what was calledmutton when I came here! But it wasn’t mutt! It was goat! False advertising!”

What is wrong with this woman that has her thinking we would ever eat our beloved puppies? She is obviously out of her head. We will say it again : She needs to be voted out.

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