Robert DeNiro Loses $40 Million Reunion Contract – Blames Trump


Robert DeNiro isn’t much to look at in person. At 5-foot-2 and just over 140 pudgy pounds, he wears platform shoes and a mean look on his face to feel tough. We’ve all seen those videos where he does the whole “Trump is a punk” thing. It’s ridiculous. He’s like an overgrown toddler with an Oscar or two.

His outbursts will now cost him. According to our insider at Universal MGM, DeNiro’s negative image among older Americans lost him the $40 million role of a lifetime:


“Bob was on his way to his biggest payday ever when the studio called. It was Art Tubolls himself. He told Bobby that they were passing on him for the Goodfellas sequel. They’re gonna kill him off instead. Him and Liota were supposed to split $40 million up front with another $40 million guaranteed for the backend. Now they’re bringing Pesci back to life instead.”

That’s a shame, “Bob.” Maybe you should have kept your tiny self out of places it didn’t belong. Everyone knows Trump would toss you around like a rag doll and leave you a pile of mush. He’s in the best shape a president has ever been in.

DeNiro reportedly had his driver keep going, taking him north into Oregon and his private ranch on the Danube. From there he sent a statement to his agent to release when the word of his firing from the film goes public:

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