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Obama To Trump: ‘You Don’t Know What It Means To Be American’

Barack Obama took aim at President Trump on  Sunday, essentially saying that Trump’s disapproval of his own presidency made him an  anti-American traitor. “This guy, this buffoon, has been calling into question the patriotism of anyone who opposes him. That’s absolutely ludicrous and outright unAmerican. You are notthe citizen’s lord and …

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Minnesota Schools Make Arabic Classes Mandatory

After Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees to enter the USA and settle down in Minnesota, that state’s ethnic landscape changed radically. Christianity and light began to disappear in a sea of darkness and Islamia. It seems like so long ago now when Minnesotans were mostly Americans And …

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Nike Cancels Ivanka Speech After Kaepernick Intervenes

Ivanka Trump is beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, and extremely successful. As such, she is highly sought after for speaking engagements of the motivational variety. Her insights into the business world are invaluable, especially considering her enormous personal successes in that realm. Corporations around the world have been booking her to teach …

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