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Minnesota Schools Make Arabic Classes Mandatory

After Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees to enter the USA and settle down in Minnesota, that state’s ethnic landscape changed radically. Christianity and light began to disappear in a sea of darkness and Islamia. It seems like so long ago now when Minnesotans were mostly Americans And …

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Trump Jr. Rips Hunter Biden For Accepting Chinese Money

Watch as Donald Trump Jr. rips Hunter Biden for accepting $1.5 billion in Chinese money last night at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania: Here’s more on this story from Fox News: According to the Intercept, Hunter’s investment company in China, known as Bohai Harvest RST, invested in Face++, a technology used …

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Barr Files Charges, Indicts Obama

Conservative pundits, Republican leaders, and a collection of the most irrational dimwitted pumpkinheads are rejoicing this morning at reports of Attorney General Barr handing down an indictment for Barack Obama, and filing charges in Congressional court.  The circumstances, however, may be surprising. Also surprising : Why L.L. Cool J isn’t …

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