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Shots Fired At Buckingham Palace Amid Tension-Filled Trump Visit

Tensions rose during Donald Trump’s visit to Buckingham Palace on Monday when he came face to face with Prince Harry, who reportedly did everything he could to distance himself from the president after the American described comments the royal’s wife Meghan Markle made about him as “nasty.” Fox News reported that …

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Ilhan Omar Demands White House Recognize Pon Farr Holiday

Once upon a time, America was a Christian nation. That’s it. Literally, every resident citizen was a Christian. And if you weren’t, you had better become one soon because the good Christians of the country were not going to accommodate your pagan cult traditions. Immigrants to the New World had …

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Trump To Ban Muslammics From Military Service

As President Trump once said, “There’s all these terrorists, all these attacks and they’re all of a particular religion. Something is going on there.” Truer words have never been spoken and upon taking office, the President began to see about taking steps to prevent more “somethings” from taking place here. …

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