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Obama Leading Reagan For New Face on 100 Dollar Bill

The year 2020 will mark the time that America’s one-hundred dollar bill will require it’s redesign.  In retiring the old Benjamin Franklin note, the United States Treasury Department put out a call to determine who would be the next dignitary to grace our currency.  After eliminating such notables as Rev. …

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Pelosi Passes Out Drunk at Memorial Day BBQ

Well, it looks like Speaker of the House and notorious liquor queen Nancy Pelosi has done it again.  At the fifth annual Congressional Memorial Day Bar-B-Q, the Maven of Mogen David had a few too many, and ended up passed out on the lawn in a puddle of her own …

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Obama Cancels Memorial Day Speech at Benghazi Monument

Today is Memorial Day, a day of solemn respect and tribute for the men and women of America’s armed forces who sacrificed everything for the security of our country.  It’s a day of many speeches and flag-raisings, mostly from those who held commanding positions, who suffered themselves through the fog …

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Pelosi And Dems Summon Barron Trump to Testify Before Senate

Unreal! Unbelievable! But apparently, we are at the point in our nation’s history where even the silliest-sounding circumstances sometimes become reality. And Nancy Pelosi’s latest wacky decision is right in that category — because Breitbart News reported on Friday that Pelosi and the Dems have now subpoenaed Barron Trump’s testimony …

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Governor’s Conference Votes 32-18 to Impeach Nancy Pelosi

The United States Constitution calls for three steps to remove a Speaker of the House from power. First, the White House has to file impeachment papers in court, which RUDY GIULIANI DID already. Next, the Conference of American Governors has to enter a supermajority vote of “no confidence” in the public record. This morning, …

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Nancy Pelosi Renames The House Library After Obama

The House of Representatives has one of the best private libraries in the country. Located in the East Wing of the Capitol, the famous little library is home to some of the most famous texts in American history, including the Thomas Jefferson adaptation of the New Testament. The room is …

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